Phylica observations needing Identification.

Phylica observations needing Identification.

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Undescribed Phylica species (17 April 2024):

Phylica prinskraal
Phylica knersvlakte
Phylica quaggasberg
Phylica rooibergensis
Phylica sp 5
Phylica witsand

Please look out for these and help map their distributions and get good photos showing morphological variation.

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Top species needing confirmation of ID:
592 Phylica ericoides Heath Hardleaf
340 Phylica imberbis Hairy Hardleaf

231 Phylica buxifolia Box Hardleaf
222 Phylica pubescens Featherhead Hardleaf
206 Phylica axillaris Axil Hardleaf

189 Phylica purpurea Purple Hardleaf
167 Phylica plumosa Feathery Hardleaf
136 Phylica oleifolia Olive Hardleaf
125 Phylica cephalantha Top Hardleaf

94 Phylica lasiocarpa Shaggyseed Hardleaf
62 Phylica pinea Pine Hardleaf
61 Phylica paniculata Northern Hardleaf

46 Phylica rigidifolia Rigid Hardleaf
46 Phylica strigulosa Swartland Hardleaf
40 Phylica selaginoides Lime Hardleaf
40 Phylica strigosa Stringy Hardleaf

35 Phylica lanata Woolly Hardleaf
35 Phylica parviflora Mini Hardleaf
27 Phylica excelsa Thug Hardleaf
25 Phylica dioica Buff Hardleaf

24 Phylica callosa
24 Phylica dodii Edelweiss Hardleaf
22 Phylica incurvata
22 Phylica karroica Karoo Hardleaf
20 Phylica litoralis Beach Hardleaf

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Phylica altigena Rare
Phylica apiculata DDD
Phylica barbata DDD
Phylica chionocephala Rare
Phylica chionophila Rare
Phylica costata LC

Phylica insignis LC
Phylica laevifolia DDD
Phylica lasiantha DDD
Phylica longimontana DDD
Phylica lucens DDD

Phylica nodosa Rare
Phylica obtusifolia Rare
Phylica pearsonii Rare
Phylica piquetbergensis Rare
Phylica pustulata LC

Phylica recurvifolia DDD
Phylica schlechteri Orangekloof Hardleaf CR PE
Phylica sericea Rare
Phylica subulifolia VU

Phylica tuberculata LC
Phylica tysonii DDD (2 vars)
Phylica variabilis Rare


Phylica abietina Gardenroute Hardleaf 3 LC
Phylica acmaephylla 4 LC
Phylica aemula Peerless Hardleaf 2 LC (2 vars)
Phylica alpina 1 DDD
Phylica alticola 1 Rare
Phylica amoena Dune Hardleaf 2 EN
Phylica ampliata 2 VU
Phylica anomala Ruens Hardleaf 1 EN
Phylica arborea Island Hardleaf 9 (Not listed)

Phylica barnardii 3 LC
Phylica bolusii Spider Hardleaf 1 LC
Phylica brachycephala Small Hardleaf 5 VU
Phylica brevifolia 2 VU
Phylica burchellii 2 DDD

Phylica comosa 1 DDT
Phylica diffusa 8 LC (2 vars)
Phylica diosmoides Buchu Hardleaf 8 EN
Phylica emirnensis Alpine Hardleaf 3

Phylica floccosa 1 (Not listed)
Phylica floribunda 7 VU
Phylica fourcadei 1 LC
Phylica fruticosa 6 LC

Phylica glabrata 8 DDD
Phylica gracilis 6 NT
Phylica greyi Columbine Hardleaf 7 EN
Phylica guthriei 2 DDD

Phylica hirta 2 VU
Phylica intrusa 6 Rare
Phylica laevis Oldhead Hardleaf 7 EN
Phylica levynsiae 6 LC
Phylica linifolia Houwhoek Hardleaf 1 EN

Phylica marlothii 4 LC (3 vars)
Phylica maximiliani 6 Rare
Phylica mundii Langeberg Hardleaf 2 LC
Phylica natalensis Pondo Hardleaf 10 VU

Phylica pauciflora 4 VU
Phylica polifolia Saint Helena Rosemary 2 (Not listed)
Phylica pulchella Pretty Hardleaf 10 LC

Phylica retorta 1 Rare
Phylica retrorsa 6 VU
Phylica reversa Hex Hardleaf 1 EN
Phylica rigida 8 LC

Phylica salteri 1 LC
Phylica simii 1 VU
Phylica stokoei Tower Hardleaf 1 Rare

Phylica thodei 7 LC
Phylica tortuosa 9 LC
Phylica trachyphylla 2 Rare
Phylica tubulosa 2 DDD

Phylica vulgaris 10 LC (3 vars)

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Hi Tony, do you know any Phylica identification resources or keys that you can point to? Online or in print. Would be interested to learn more

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Ask the specialists. I dont know ...
@knysna_wildflowers ?

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