First Observations: June 2015

June is turning out to be a great month for iNat'rs at LLELA. First time entries of species to the LLELA Project:

June New Species added:

Red-legged Buprestis by happynaturalist
Great Pondhawk by brennan3909
Carolina Saddlegags by mchlfx
Orange Bluet by mchlfx
Common Water Hyacinth by mchlfx
Stiff-hair Sunflower by chuckd
White prickly poppy by jblinde and chuckd
Ivy-leaf Morning Glory by jblinde
Blue-faced Meadowhawk by mchlfx
Think-lined Erastria by mchlfx
Tapioca Slime Mold by mchlfx
Two-lined Spittlebug by obidaddy

May New Species added:

Buffalo Grass by happynaturalist
Black-and-yellow Lichen Moth by brennan3909
Blanchard's Cricket Frog by brennan3909
Black-bellied Whistling Duck by brennan3909
Green-spored parasol by jblinde
Western Horse Nettle by ktcorson and mchlfx
Black-crowned Night-Heron by chuckd
Roemer's sensitive briar by chuckd and ktcorson
Parsnip Swallowtail by chuckd
Upright Prairie Coneflower by jblinde
Dacryopinax spathularia by jblinde
Red Raspberry Slime by jblinde
Coprinellus domesticus by jblinde
Split-gill mushroom by jblinde
Eastern wood-pewee by mchlfx
Black and Yellow Mud Dauber by mchlfx
Soapberry Hairstreak by mchlfx
American Snout by greglasley
Laphria flavicolus by mchlfx and greglasley
Laphria macquarti by mchlfx
Chinche patas de hoja by greglasley
Fragile Forktail by greglasley
Four-toothed Mason Wasp by greglasley
Apache wasp by greglasley
Citrine Forktail by greglasley
Forage Looper by mchlfx
Marine Blue by mchlfx
Entonaema liquescens by mchlfx
Rose-breasted Grosbeak by chuckd
Magnolia Warbler by mchlfx
Chipping sparrow by mchlfx
Blackburnian Warbler by brennan3909
Black-throated Green Warbler by brennan3909
Broad-headed skink by mchlfx
Crown-tipped coral by mchlfx
Western Mosquitofish by chuckd
Texas Prairie Parsley by chuckd

פורסם על-ידי mchlfx mchlfx, יוני 24, 2015 05:11 אחה"צ


Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! :)

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