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Hi everybody!

Thanks for adding your photos of leaf mines to this project. Just a few hours in and there are already over 600 observations! I wanted to mention a few things in addition to what is in the "About" section:

  • If your photos are already part of a regional leafminer project, there is no need to add them here, since I've created an umbrella project to keep track of them all: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/north-american-leafminers ...If you are aware of others (or decide to start one), just let me know and I'll add them on.
  • There is lots left to learn about leafminers, so if you encounter mines that can't be identified, I encourage you to try rearing them to adults. My rearing methods are outlined here: https://bugtracks.wordpress.com/rearing/
  • For a complete accounting of what leafminers are known from every plant in North America, including mysteries that need further investigation, see my Leafminers of North America e-book: http://charleyeiseman.com/leafminers/

There are well over 2000 species out there, and the umbrella project currently registers 119, so let's see how many more you can find!


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I think it's helpful that the "add Host Plant ID tag" window pops up when you add an observation to the project (although I've noticed this doesn't happen when you add things to the project from the Upload page - separate issue). Great to encourage people to include that critical information. However, I'm not having great luck using that tag to filter project observations (e.g., to find all observations with host plant = Ilex sp.). I get some results if I put my target host genus or species into the wildcard field in the filter (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?project_id=33779&q=Ilex), but it looks like this only pulls observations that have my search term in the description or comments, not in the Host Plant ID tag, so only getting a small subset of the results that I would hope to get. The wildcard field is labeled "Description/Tags" so it seems like it should work for either. I try to always include the Host Plant ID tag, but usually don't also include this information in the description. Perhaps this should be a forum post/question for developers... Will update here if I post on the forum.

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Think I found the answer, standby...

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Okay, figured it out thanks to this forum post. It's not super straightforward or quite as general as I would like, but it works. To search for project observations with Host Plant ID = a particular species:

Find the taxon id for the host plant in question. This can be found in the URL on the taxon page. For example, the taxon id for Ilex opaca is 60749 (from the taxon page URL https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/60749-Ilex-opaca).

Build a custom search URL using the taxon id using this format: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?project_id=33779&field:Host%20Plant%20ID=60749, replacing the number after the = with your target taxon id.

This can be combined with other URL slugs to further filter, but unlike some URL slugs it doesn't appear that you can search multiple values by concatenating taxon ids with a comma.

Caveat: This will only return observations for which the Host Plant ID exactly matches the taxon id you enter. For example, if you use the taxon id for a genus, you will get ONLY observations for which the Host Plant ID was entered as that genus and will NOT get observations for which the Host Plant ID was entered as a species in that genus. To find observations with Host Plant ID entered as a particular genus OR any species IN that genus, you will need to do multiple searches, and may have more luck with the wildcard (Description/Tags) filter (URL slug "q="). If that changes I will post again here.

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