Graphipterus insidiosus Péringuey, 1896

Elytra elongato-quadrate, outer sides nearly straight, greyish, with four dark brown bands on each elytron. Pronotum without a median black band.

Original description (and key) in:
Peringuey, L. Descriptive catalogue of the Coleoptera of South Africa. The Coleoptera of South Africa. Part II. Carabidae. Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society, 7.
Black with a pale ochraceous pubescence; head with a narrow, longitudinal denuded band ; the two basal joints of antennae reddish; the other joints and the legs black; prothorax short, nearly twice as broad as long; anterior angles not sharp, densely pubescent; elytra nearly as broad as long, and rounded laterally at the shoulder and the posterior angle, roughly and closely punctured, and having on each side three ochraceous pubescent lines equally distant from one another and reaching from base to apex; the outer margin is broadly pubescent, the band being moderately broad; under side piceous.

Type locality: Mozambique, Maputo province, Lembobo mountains in the vicinity of Nkomati railway station.

Illustrated in:
Junod, H. A. 1899. La faune entomologique de Delagoa. Bulletin de la Société vaudoise des sciences naturelles 35.
Plate 1, figure 8.

iNat observation:

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