Amiantus undosus Distant 1892

Original description & illustration in:
Distant, W. L. 1892. A Naturalist in the Transvaal. R. H. Porter, London.
Page 199 description; page 297, table 1 illustration.

Black; legs dark fuscous. Pronotum small, subglobular, strongly and reticulately rugose; head with the front rugose, but much more finely so than the pronotum; antennae dark fuscous, blackish towards the base. Abdomen above subovate, slightly gibbous, strongly depressed posteriorly; lateral margins of the elytra convex; surface of the elytra covered with strong, waved,undulating rugosities and coarsely punctate, but not quite extending to their apices. Sternum very coarsely punctate and subrugulose; abdomen beneath glabrous, shining black, some-what coarsely punctate.
Long. 12 millim. Pretoria.

Distribution: Probably only known from type locality.

iNat observation:

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