Amiantus undatus Haag-Rutenberg, 1875

Original description in:
Haag-Rutenberg G. 1875. Beiträge zur Familie der Tenebrioniden (V. Stück). Coleopterologische Hefte XIV.
Translated from Latin & German:
Oval, dark brown, hardly shiny; head pitted-punctated; with transverse impression between the eyes, slightly inflated on the frons, thorax a little wider in length, somewhat globose, pitted-punctated, the middle line and some small spots smooth; elytra shortly oval, slightly convex, produced towards the apex, laterally carinated, above some longitudinal very wavy lines, uneven, densely punctated, somewhat shiny; prosternum pitted; epipleurae opaque, with scattered punctures, uneven; ventral segments shiny, sparsely punctuated, strigulated; legs dark, minutely brown-haired. - Length 13 mm, width 7.5 mm.
Head small, furrow deeply indented between eyes, frons elevated; (with the exception of this elevation, which appears shiny and is only slightly punctured), densely coarsely pitted. Pronotum slightly spherical,
anteriorly emarginate with slightly forward protruding anterior angles, lateral margins edges bent downwards and strongly curved; posterior angles absent; surface except for a narrow longitudinal line and several small patches, coarsely pitted with converging punctures, slightly indented transversely along the posterior edge. Elytra more than twice as wide as the thorax, very short ovate, with tip slightly pulled down. Slightly convex towards the suture, with strong lateral carinae up to the apical slope, on the elytral disc two indistinct, strongly meandering longitudinal elevated lines, with are connected by small transverse wrinkles, surface uneven and, with the exception of the very narrow suture, quite densely punctured. [...] Epipleurae broad, individually punctured and uneven due to some longitudinal wavy lines. [...] Legs matt, very finely covered with brown bristles.
From Natal.

iNat observation:

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