Distretus (Distretus) amplipennis (Fåhraeus 1870)

A darkish opaque toktokkie with very expanded flattened elytra, marked with four dark-red indistinct stripes, elytral surface almost without sculpture, but covered with grey scaly hairs.

Original description in:
Fåhraeus 1870. Coleoptera Caffrariae, annis 1838–1845 a J. A. Wahlberg collecta. Heteromera descripsit. Öfversigt af Kongliga Vetenskaps-Akademiens Förhandlingar 27
Translated from Latin:
Subovate, black, opaque, head and thorax wrinkled; elytra sparsely punctate, very finely gray-scaly, marked with four very obsolete rufescent stripes, anteriorly flattened, above with a distinct marginal carina, the sides deflexed and smooth. Length. 15-17 mm, width 10-10.5 mm.
Head short, turned down, above wrinkled, apex truncate. Antennae reaching the shoulders, filiform, thinly gray-hairy [...]. The thorax is markedly rounded-enlarged, base truncated, apex on both sides sinuous, with spiniform angles; cushion-shaped above, coarsely pitted-wrinkled on all sides [...]. Elytra with humeral angles slightly rounded, elytra rounded-expanded, three times wider than the base of the thorax, tip jointly narrowly rounded; above, almost flat at the front, sloping at the back, finely and distantly punctate, sparingly covered with gray small scales, marked with four longitudinal brownish-reddish lines, more or less obsolete, dorsal lateral carina sharp, before apex shortened, sides bent, almost smooth. Pectus and 3 anterior abdominal segments wrinkled-punctate. Legs elongated, thin, pitch-dark, with short pilosity, the anterior femora a little thickened.

Shorter redescription in:
Haag-Rutenberg G. 1871. Beiträge zur Familie der Tenebrioniden (II. Stück). Coleopterologische Hefte VII.
Translated from German:
Head and pronotum very coarsely and densely punctured. Elytra very broadened, widely rounded towards the sides, but so strongly depressed that they are almost flat. The lateral carina runs past the apical slope, where it bends inward and suddenly stops. Upper surface almost barely punctured and extremely fine gray pilose, with four dark red longitudinal stripes, sometimes barely visible. Antennae and legs slim.

Distribution: GBIF records from Northern South Africa (Gauteng, Limpopo), Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi.

iNat observation:

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