Thankful Week

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the one special holiday to enjoy some time with your family whether or not you decide to or not. During the week, we obtained 21 observations, which is a little below the average. Good news for us, unless my plans change (which they do often), I get to go Morrow/Umatilla County this Sunday in search for some cool hawks.

Observation of the week goes to @nordsman for a photo of a juvenile Western Red-tailed Hawk. It might be a common species but when you get a great photo, it deserves some recognition. The broad patagials and barred flanks are good indicators of the subspecies, especially in juvenile plumage. You can see the photo here:

I still want to go out and find owls but snow will keep me away from the mountains until I get snow tires on my car. We still need saw-whet owls for the project and with the excitement of the Rockfeller owl, go looking in spruce trees. It's their favorite tree and it doesn't matter if it's remote or in a city, they'll be there. Good luck birders!

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