Bulk Editing Habitats

You recently asked me to add my observations to the Habitats (s Afr) project. I am happy to add my observations to this project but hope there is a way to do a bulk add rather than have to do each one individually.

I tried the Bulk Edit route but this did not give me access to Projects.
Can you suggest a way to add my observations in one go?

Graham Grieve

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Yes. Bulk editing is very easy and quick, but requires a little practice.

To bulk edit your observations click on your icon (on the top level menu bar, far right) and then select/click "Edit Observations"

However, you may not want to add Habitats to observations that already have habitats, so why not exclude them - click here:
(and in the url bar, substitute your user name for "Your_User_Name" ) and hit enter.

You may find it more efficient to rather look for those without the Habitat field filled in - rather use this then:
(This does not work in edit observations mode unfortunately).

Double check that you have what you want.
Scroll to the bottom on the page and check that you have "per page 200" observations visible. You can do this in smaller batches if you prefer. {a few users record errors at 200, but it works for them as 100}

Your next step is to select all those with the same habitat.
Click "Batch Edit"
If there are only a few then go down the list and click the ones you want (e.g. Those in "Gardens")
If most of them are the same, then click "Select All" and check down the list for those that you do not want, and untick them.

When you are happy, then click "Edit Selected"
Wait a few seconds for the screen to reconfigure, and then click "Batch Operations"
Add the bottom of the yellow panel, click "More fields"

In the box called "Add a field [start typing field name]" type in the word 'Habitat'

Look carefully, and select "Habitat (s Afr)" (if it is not there, type the full "Habitat (s Afr)" and select it)
If you have chosen the correct field it will open a panel to the right with "unknownV"
Click on the V and select your habitat, or type in the first letter (you can repeat the letter to scroll through the options, e.g. clicking a will scroll you through Afromontane Forest, then Albany Thicket, then Aquatic, and then back to Afromontane Forest, etc.)
If you are happy, then click on the "Apply Fields" blue button. (this adds it to all the selected observations).

Scroll down to the very bottom of the screen and click the blue button "Save All"
Look out for any messages.
You have now added the data to the fields.

If you want to add the Project too, then there is a next step.
Click "Batch Edit
Click "Select All" (dont worry about those without Habitat fields - of course there should be none)
Click on "Add to Project"
Scroll down to find "Habitats (s Afr)" (you should have joined it long ago, so it should be visible)
and click "Add"
Any observations without the Observation Field "Habitat (s Afr)" filled in will generate an error message. It is OK to deliberately leave out some, for whatever reason - you can add them later.

Repeat the process (from the top of the page) for the next batch of 200 (or 100, or whatever you selected in the bottom box).

It sounds formidable, but it is just a few very quick clicks and all is done.

Many thanks for helping to fill in the habitat data. Apart from supplying really quick and cool summaries on iNaturalist, it helps researchers to verify the mapping of the habitats for the vegetation map. If you are really, really superkeen on your habitats, then why not progress to the https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/vegmaphoto-s-afr project.

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Thanks so much @tonyrebelo.
Ive tried using the instructions on a batch of 200 observations not in habitats.
Nothing happened when I saved and I got this message 'Incomplete response received from application'
I wonder what I failed to do ? I have found this Sunday afternoon, that iNaturalist is extremely slow compared to usual. Perhaps Sunday is their busy day when activity peaks and iNat gets a bit overloaded. Ill try again when Inat is working quickly and a with smaller batch of 100. I have about 650 observations out of 41451 not in habitats yet, so this is going to be so useful.

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It worked ! I managed to do over 1000 . Thanks.

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