Next call for the DC area City Nature Challenge: March 15!

We have over 90 people subscribed to our regional Google Group for coordinating participation in the DC and Baltimore metro areas! Starting this month, we are having bi-weekly calls and will move to weekly calls in April.

We're especially focused on coordinating organizational participation, but anyone is welcome to join the calls!

Thursday, March 15 & 29, then every Thursday in April
2-3 PM
Call (605) 472-5436
Access code: 908439

You can check out the notes and agenda here.

Tagging some of our active users from the metro area and participants last year! Please tag in others--I'm just getting the ball rolling here.
@muir @treegrow @kellykrechmer @judygva @jacobogre @annagypsy @belyykit @mellis @peggyo @tminatbe @achang @anneanderson @treichard @rgauzagronert @suzanne11 @laura_sebastianelli @calopteryx @ashley_bradford @abookb @briangratwicke

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Sounds great!

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Cool! Already applied for membership in the Google Group.

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