Stats - February 2024

This project has existed for almost a year now, and though adding observations to it is a rather manual and slow-going task, I'm hoping we can at least double the number of observations during 2024.

The purpose of the project is to record the variety of species that utilize Lepidopteran larvae in particular, and in the process keep the numbers in check. Current stats are as follows:

Predator/parasite      Number of Observations

Parasitic wasps           42
Birds                                   41
Flies                                    22
Ants                                    17
Predatory wasps        16
Spiders                              7
Mantids                            3
Lizards                               3
Assassin Bugs              2
Hister beetles               1
Crabs                                  1
Mammals                        1

As to the strangest natural caterpillar control measure on the project so far, I think KZN River Crab
(Potamonautes sidneyi) feeding on Tailed Emperor (Urota sinope) by @kevin2226 takes the cake.

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