Aquatic insects icon

Aquatic insects

Discover the aquatic insects of the world, as they are very important in the ecosystem.
Butterflies of Asia Project icon

Butterflies of Asia Project

This is an umbrella project that collates all iNaturalist butterfly projects in Asia
Butterflies of Israel icon

Butterflies of Israel

This project serves to record butterfly species found in Israel
Carabidae of Planet Earth icon

Carabidae of Planet Earth

Carabidae identification centre project!
Flora of Bilad al-Sham icon

Flora of Bilad al-Sham

Collecting observations of wild plants in mediterranean Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine.
Flora of the Levant (umbrella) icon

Flora of the Levant (umbrella)

Wild plants of mediterranean Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine.
Heteroptera of Israel icon

Heteroptera of Israel

This project aim is to gather information and localities of the True Bugs (Heteroptera) of Israel
Insects of Israel  חרקי ישראל icon

Insects of Israel חרקי ישראל

פרוייקט זה נועד לרכז את כל התצפיות בישראל הנוגעות למחלקת החרקים. הפרוייקט נעשה בשיתוף מוזיאון הטבע ע"ש שטיי...
Israeli observations of plants and insects by Oleg Kosterin icon

Israeli observations of plants and insects by Oleg Kosterin

Just a collection of my observations made for five days of April 2019, made solely through the courtesy and...
Israeli plant microbiome pilot icon

Israeli plant microbiome pilot

This is a pilot project
JBO BioBlitz Summer 2018 icon

JBO BioBlitz Summer 2018

ביובליץ הנוער הראשון של התחנה לחקר ציפורים. חמש שעות ביום קיץ לגלות כמה שיותר מהחיים שיש לתחנה להציע. Firs...
Kinneret College tazpiteva icon

Kinneret College tazpiteva

Kinneret College has taken upon itself to lead the project of iNaturalist in the Jordan Valley region. We ...
Mediterranean Fauna icon

Mediterranean Fauna

Mediterranean Fauna
Mediterranean Leaf Beetles icon

Mediterranean Leaf Beetles

Discovering leaf beetles of Mediterranean region and their distribution
Megafauna of the Atlantic icon

Megafauna of the Atlantic

"Megafauna" is often treated as an informal term, but this project follows the criteria outlined by Paul S....
Megafauna remnants of the W Palearctic icon

Megafauna remnants of the W Palearctic

Companion to this guide: Megafauna remnants of the W Palearctic, t...
Megfauna of the World icon

Megfauna of the World

This "umbrella" project serves a function long desired by the project creator: to unify the various Megafau...
Moths of Asia icon

Moths of Asia

This project provides an overview of iNaturalist projects recording moths in Asia (Indonesia is included, e...
Moths of Israel icon

Moths of Israel

A collection project for moth observations from Israel, contributing to the umbrella Moths of Asia project