Staff Challenge - post your pics by 11 December!

We have a ACF Staff challenge running until 11 December to try and get as many of us joining & posting observations to the project (note: you can use either your phone/smart devices or a web browser to upload photos).

There will be prizes given for:

  • Top threatened species find
  • Creepiest Crawley
  • Most posts/observations made during this time (Nov 24 - 11 Dec)
  • Best Platypus sighting

Hot tip: use iNaturalist to search for recent platypus sightings – you may be surprised how close some of you are to areas where they are sighted!

This is a great kids activity for the weekend! You can also upload pics that were taken anytime this year – so lots of opportunity to bump some of us from the leader board

Can't wait to see what you find!

  • Carmen (ACF)

Note; as judge I will not be eligible for prizes.

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