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@amyneumann @entomo-logic @cwessel @jriebe0623 @michael245 @mulegrl14 @julianahimmel @austin67 You are mentioned because we are in need of 50 more birds to succeed in the project. Please comment on the post to indicate you have received this message. As a bonus, If you would consider looking for one of the birds listed at the end of the post, you will be awarded with recognition in the project results roundup! Once again, we are at ~100 birds and need 50 more to succeed in the project I have assigned a number of points to each species. The leader in points after 11/21 is named 150 Birds for 150 Years Most Valuable User! Thanks!

Long-tailed Duck-50 pts.
Surf Scoter- 40 pts.
White-Winged Scoter 60 pts.
Black Scoter 100 pts.
Gull other than Ring-Billed or Herring: 50 Pts.
White-Winged Crossbill: 60 Pts.
Pygmy Nuthatch: 100 pts.
Common Redpoll: 150 Pts.

You can find a Long-Tailed Duck at Carter Lake in Omaha, Last Seen 11/21/17

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Anxious to start contributing

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Sorry, projectt closed

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