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Namaskar, Reader!)
My native lang. is russian, middle - english, कुछ हिंदी, poquito español)
Im graduated in entomology unemployed fanatic of Yellow Pan trapping for para-hymenoptera and small insects Orders .

"citizens taxonomy" = "the cuckoo praises the rooster for it praising the cuckoo." - confirmation of two ignoramuses becomes "scientific", democracy in action)
An inquisitive person can be corrected and prompted, but an idiots who climbs beyond the competence of even specialists cannot be helped, and this liars are frustrating

Let me advise that the best approach is to choose only as much as you are confident in theme\objects. It commands respect, and vice versa. I don't care how deeply any observation goes, but it's important to get it right. Therefore, I choose a strategy for those who sculpt nonsense without knowing anything from the auto-id (and are ready to run ahead of smarter people, reconfirming anything and further choosing from thousands of species those that are already massively stucked in the gallery) - correct them to a higher level, blocking them convulsions. and for those who work correctly, "scientifically" and ethically, knowing the extent of their ignorance, I will gladly improve their IDs.

I’m also learning, and I keep track of differing notifications, removing my erroneous IDs - they serve to help better understanding people to find observations through their favorite taxa filters.

Don't just ask me for proof, if self choosing any from auto-ID blurts - as one expert said: "Generally people that can ID from photos have keyed out thousands of specimens and know the gestalt of the different groups. There are a few online keys, but even that usually isn't helpful with this group unless you have them under a microscope."

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