Navapol Komanasin

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Former programmer; Current naturalist; Arachno/ophiofauna enthusiast (SEA spp.); iNat addicted; Math appreciator; Memist; Observist; Empty glass; Th/En;

Active iNatter based in Thailand. Taking part of City Nature Challenge Team Thailand as technical and taxonomical consultant since 2021 (remotely).

Projects I'm in charge of:

Collections and Umbrellas:
Jumping Spiders of Thailand
Snakes of Thailand
Frogs and Toads of Thailand
Nong Prajak Park สวนสาธารณะหนองประจักษ์

World Wide Spider's Webs - collecting spider observations with subjects' webs and threads noticeable
Food Contaminations - collecting unintentional occurrences of organisms in food and drinking
Living With Bamboos - tracking lives around bamboo ecosystems
Spider's Bellies - collecting spider observations with subjects' ventral images

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