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My name is Spencer I'm from Collingwood, Ontario. I have always been into camping and portaging since I was a young child. My dad was a forester and growing up taught me a lot about the trees and wildlife in our area. Since college I continued to hike and enjoy wildlife but never thought to photograph or document any of it; just lived for the moment.

Over time I realized documenting moments and species is something I really should be doing a lot more. Its fun to share camp stories but its better if you have photos! So I bought my first camera, a Canon EOS RP mirrorless full frame camera. It came with a 24-105mm lens on it. My fiancee has a Canon rebel T6i with a 75-300mm which I just started this year using for birding. Im super new to this photography and identifying thing but I really enjoy it. Nature is my favourite thing and my favourite place to be in.

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