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An active member of the Fungal Diversity Survey California.
Fungal Diversity Survey (FUNDIS) is the only nonprofit focusing on North American fungal biodiversity and conservation.


Year 1 FUNDIS CA report -https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rWOz8vYZOl4Kzs5kiYOe7OTanaGt6Dwe/view?usp=sharing

FUNDIS 2023 Annual report-

Naturalist and advocate for the protection of the planet. Gourmet fungi cultivation led me to an appreciation of wild species identification. Favorite locations;
Salt Point State Park
Iporanga, Sao Paulo, BR
Point Lobos, Monterey
Garrapta State Park, Monterey
Panamint Valley, Death Valley
Pinnacles National Park
Sonoma Lake, Healdsburg
Mountain Home State Park

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