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I am a casual hiker who enjoys snapping photos of interesting creatures and things I find along the trail. Currently, my primary routes of choice are Irvine Regional Park and Peter's Canyon Regional Park, both in Orange, California, mostly because I'm relatively close to both, but also because I find the most material in these locations.

You can see by my observations I cast a wide net: birds, insects, mammals, snakes, plants, scat, tracks--even the occasional "state-of-matter/life"; although, if I had to choose, I'd say birds of prey, snake, and coyote sightings are the observations that really make my day.

I'm a Very New photographer. I would politely refer to my camera as "vintage," and I keep a respectful distance from my subjects by shooting with an entry-level 100-400mm lens. My profile picture is a Sacken's Velvet Ant--the observation that brought me to iNaturalist in July 2022.

A sincere thank you to all who offer identifications or input, and to those who offer encouragement by "faving" my photos. I'm too new at this to make identifications myself, but I hope to contribute more as I gain a better understanding of the subjects.

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