Zairah Quevedo

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(20 y/o)
I absolutely adore bugs and the macro world in general so I really enjoy sharing observations from my backyard (and beyond) here. I am always open to help with identifications since I'm really just a hobbyist in this space (though a hobbyist that does obsess on the matter so maybe something like hobbyist+?).
I'm working right now to familiarize myself with the insects, arachnids, and other invertebrates of my area. Its exciting to be the first observation of many species in Merced, and I really hope to help document more central valley invertebrates. At the minimum I try to go into my yard every day to document the life out there. I've got many native plant species and tons of flowers so I'm always finding new bugs!

I am willing to collect specimens for research so just reach out! There may be some species I'm reluctant to collect due to sentimental attachments (larger bugs such as mantids, butterflies, grasshoppers, and others like jumping spiders)- but please do reach out if I could be of help with any research or other projects! My only request is the covering of shipping costs.

I also love keeping bugs and currently have two spiders- a Western Black Widow (she's about two years old!) and a juvenile Six-Spotted Orb Weaver. This year I took in FOUR White-Lined Sphinx caterpillars and have successfully raised them to adulthood.

Most every photo is taken on my phone and occasionally with a clip on macro lens. I only just recently learned I could zoom with the macro lens on so I'm trying to do that more!

I've made a habit of checking out California recent observations as a way to learn more about the wildlife in the state. I often send IDs on observations marked as Unknown (generally insects and arachnids). I also like to add IDs on species I am very familiar with and am certain the ID will be correct. I will still make mistakes but I am doing my best to learn!

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