Wendy McCrady

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Retired naturalist now traveling and volunteering at wildlife refuges and national parks. Primary interest is in birds but I am easily distracted by butterflies, dragonflies, wildflowers, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and pretty much anything else I stumble across. Having diverse interests guarantees there is always something interesting to see.

All of my photographs are taken in situ. I do not collect. Many of my photographs are taken on National Wildlife Refuges or National Parks/Monuments where collecting (or using callback for birds) is prohibited without obtaining a special permit. As a volunteer, I am occasionally permitted to be in areas that are not open to the general public as well as be present before and after visitation hours. I generally note this in my observations for clarity.

My purpose in submitting observations is to add to the growing pool of scientific data, help provide information on what species occur at locations where I am volunteering, and to increase my knowledge of the natural world around me.

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