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I encourage use of my photographs/records with attribution. Please use my full name when doing so, and notify me if they are submitted for publication. I don't need to be a co-author in your study, but I would like to be acknowledged if I'm helpful.

I'm a Senior Conservation Biologist with the Resource Conservation District - Santa Monica Mountains, and also a Research Associate at the L.A. County Museum of Natural History (Ornithology Dept.). I started the "Los Angeles (city) Biodiversity" project on iNaturalist, which is why I'm always chiming in on L.A. identifications.

I've been birding since the mid-1980s, starting as a little kid in the Los Angeles area. I've traveled extensively in Central America and lived on the East Coast (MA, NY, RI) on and off, running a bird banding station in Rhode Island in the mid-2000s. Until 2005 I was the Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon California, and then launched my own consulting business focusing on bird/wildlife/plant surveys and habitat management plans. In 2017 my "Flora of Griffith Park" was published by Crossosoma. This treats the 400+ plant species in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains. I'm also an eBird reviewer for Ventura County. Education: Harvard (AB), UCR (MSc), UCLA (PhD).

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