Claudia Komesu

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I’m Brazilian, granddaughter of Japanese, my husband is son of Romanian Jewish, my sister is married with a Muslim. I’ve always admired American values of freedom, equality, and respect for diversity. Trump's election was suffered as it was with my country, and we know the same can happen in Brazil in 2018.I know most of American people don’t comply with Trump speech despising minorities. Inaturalist is not a place to talk about politics, but just wanted to say USA has my best wishes and vibes.

When I first discovered Inat, it was pretty exciting. I started thinking about the great possibilities to help on brazilian conservation issues. Maybe in some years Inat will be a good site to brazilian data.

I have talked with some very kind fellows, that are helping and teaching me a lot, and I will always be grateful to them.

My sites (they are in Portuguese, but you can paste the link on Google Translator and it will show the site in English):

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