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Curiosity and a passion for nature and the outdoors has inspired my interest in native plant and insect identification. It is fun to hunt down the diverse species, and the intellectual challenge of figuring out the identifications is engaging. Documenting the species with photographs is a good extension of my nature photography skills.

My experience with photography started with learning how to develop my own negative and prints. When everything went digital I switched over to the new technology: Canon equipment, and now the Sony RX10 IV or my iPhone for fieldwork. I have enjoyed doing bird photography, landscapes, and macro work; especially flowers. Last year I had one of my photos published in Bird Watching Magazine.

Inspired by a mentor from the Audubon, I developed a serious interest in birding while living in North Carolina. When I moved to Florida I explored a whole new set of Life Birds.

One of my favorite birds is the Swallow- tailed Kite. For the last two years I have observed two Swallow-tailed Kite nests, collecting data and videotaping the entire life cycle. Some of the data was submitted to Avian Research and Conservation Institute as part of a citizen science project. I have also contributed regularly to Cornell's eBird data collection project.

My goal is to become knowledgable about Florida plants and insects. Thank you to all the devoted iNAT volunteers and the iNAT community who help review my observations and provide helpful feedback!

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