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I'm an entomologist from Michigan, now living in Texas. I don't have a definite specialty but beetles are my favorite order if I have to pick just one. I love all insects and everything in the natural world.

I found iNat in fall of 2019 and it's had a profound impact on my daily life. It's helped launch me back into the natural world, inspired me to keep learning, and aided me greatly in my own collecting and observing. In my first year I was able to get about 2000 observations of about 800 different species (of mostly insects and related invertebrates).

I'm not yet an expert in anything, so I only ID things to the level I'm confident. If you think I may have ID-ed something incorrectly or have a question about my ID please feel free to call me out on it or ask me about it so I can learn and improve. For my own observations I try to get the best pictures I can, but I'm primarily using my cell phone for now. Any ID help is greatly appreciated!

I have my own insect collection to keep me busy which I began in college but has grown exponentially since being moving to Texas and being reinspired in 2019.

Outside of entomology and the natural world I love music (primarily metal of almost all subgenres), and video games on the increasingly rare times I get to play them.

If you want to know anything else just send me a message! I'm pretty open.

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