Margaret Langley

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Please add tags to your good observations! Just imagine if you were searching for this plant what words would you use! Western Australia, flora, plant, native, [flower colour(s)], flower, fruit, leaves, [time of flowering], [name of area found,], [plant family name] …..

Professional and personal interest in the Flora of Western Australia. Western Australia is an awesome place for botany and quite overwhelming with a constantly expanding taxonomy.

To those who like help with identifications, Please take photos of more than just the flower, ideally whole plant, leaf arrangement, fruit, buds as well (some plants hold their fruit for many years). Sometimes the glands or veins on a small leaf help. There is plenty for us to ID and I cant spend time on flower only closeups unless I know there is nothing similar.

If you want an idea of who’s observations I spend time on to identify here is an automatic summary of my identifications, top of the list is someone who takes fabulous detail, always a pleasure to see Caroline’s observations. I don’t choose by person, the numbers are based on being able to be identified. I look at a lot I cannot identify.

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