Allen Boynton

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Retired wildlife biologist that worked 39 years with a variety of species in North Carolina and Virginia. My work included field experience with peregrine falcon, northern flying squirrel, Virginia big-eared bat, bog turtle, green salamander, white-tailed deer, elk, black bear, and wild turkey.

I am particularly interested in birds, mammals, butterflies, and wildflowers. I want to meet like-minded folks interested in exploring nature near and far. I live in the Southern Appalachians, but am interested in traveling to explore new, as well as old, favorite places.

I donate photos to non-profits and gov for use in conservation and education projects. Please send a message to to request such use or a photo in a different resolution for such use.

My eBird profile:

Please help me confirm or identify observations by following the link below. Many observations in need of attention are plants.

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