iNat Happy Hour in San Francisco - July 26, 6-8 pm

Bay area folks, please come on over to The Brew Coop in San Francisco this Friday, July 26th, from 6-8 pm to have a drink with your fellow iNatters - it's actually fun to meet in person! Details can be found on our Meetup Event page here:

Tagging some people here, feel free to let others know: @metsa @tomv @rebeccafay @kestrel @kschnei @dpom @gyrrlfalcon @anudibranchmom @hfabian @damontighe @nmcnear @leftcoastnaturalist @leptonia @merav @leslieflint @ocean_beach_goth @mazer

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Great - I'm planning to be there with my partner. Look forward to seeing folks!

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ugh!! I'm out of town this weekend in Oregon, otherwise I would be there. Maybe the third time will be the charm? Sorry to miss this.

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Um, I missed this 1.5 years ago...back when we could meet in person and share germs without much concern...

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weird, i edited this journal post to test something and it appeared my followers' newsfeed. sorry about that!

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It's OK - it was kind of funny, like a giant "blast from the past" - but I was wondering how it happened at all.

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And here I was hoping the pandemic had been somehow resolved today while I wasn't checking the headlines... :( Maybe we could do a Zoom happy hour and meet each other at some point? I'd drink to that!

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