Arcadia Trail Park, 2013-01-02

Have been walking this park and taking pictures most every day that I have been in Fort Worth in 2012. Thought that I would add some notes to pictures this year. Today was very quiet in the park, few birds around. It was in the upper 30s, light north/north west breeze.It was the day that the city mowers came out to mow down our tall grass prairie area. This happens every four years since fire cannot be done safely here. Hope that creatures living in the field were able to get out of the way. It did seem that most of the birds that normally are in the trees bordering the prairie left for the day. The only birds seen were a mockingbird and some mallards in White's Creek.

פורסם על-ידי taogirl taogirl, ינואר 03, 2013 05:20 לפנה"צ






ינואר 2, 2013


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