Chicago Milkweed

I have created a map of all of the Chicago Park District parks with all of the georeferenced milkweed observations from inaturalist overlaid. I also found a map of what the now defunct Chicago Department of Environment considered important habitat areas as of 2004. You can check out my map here:

Some of the parks that have "habitat areas" but no milkweed observations yet:
Indian Boundary Park, Portage Park, Riis Park, Marquette Park, Sherman Park and Washington Park. I've checked Riis Park and didn't find any but it's a big park and I may have missed it. I've also had good luck looking in parks that border rail lines which is why you see some observations that appear to track neighborhood boundaries. There seem to be fewer observations overall on the south side so I don't doubt there is a lot more to be found. Feel free to use this map for any purpose especially if it's for pressuring your local park advisory council to put in more native plantings.

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