200 Observations

Well It has only been a short time since I started using iNaturalist and already I have already hit 200 observations, 200 species, and 200 IDs. Number 200 was a crab spider, Ebelingia kumadai, observed at the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

I think before starting using iNaturalist I probably had easily over this number in old pictures, and I had made sightings on Project Noah, but since making the transition to iNaturalist it has been really fun to go out into the field and make a lot of observations, organize, track, and experiment, which also means its much more easier to explore, enjoy, and learn.

Now that the weather is warming up, there are lot more chances to explore and encounter the life that surrounds, even in the urban sprawl of Tokyo its islands of biological sanctuary nestled within. I'm also hoping to make a few trips out truly wild areas and carry out observations, as well as do some more local diving while the temperatures are still warm.

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Chiyoda, Tokyo (Google, OSM)


Ebelingia kumadai

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace
Chiyoda, Tokyo


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