Next Mothing Events

We've had great fun this summer! Several new species and sub-100's were found for each location last month. A rare wasp was found at Exploration Green. See and Even more exciting, at Deer Park last month, Derek Hudgins (tdhudgins) logged a beetle never before reported in iNaturalist! See

Aug 26 - Saturday - 8p to 11p
Lawther-Deer Park Prairie
1222 E. Purdue Lane, Deer Park 77536
Please park on the school side of the street, not in front of neighbors' homes.
Visitors will need to sign a liability release form.

Sep 2 and Oct 7 - Saturday - Sunset to 10p
Monthly Moth Night at Exploration Green
16203 Diana Ln, Houston, TX 77062 (park in main parking lot and walk downhill)

See you there!

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