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I have had my right shoulder replaced and can not lift my arm to trigger the shutter. Frustrating. All kinds of ideas, but I am not supposed to raise that arm for six weeks. I think I can do it passively, but certainly do not want to damage it getting excited and picking it up. So I may end of with a tripod locked into a place and trigger the shutter with my left hand. if some pictures show up I figured something out. one week post surgery today. With the migration in full flow not the time not to be able to take pictures.

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Don't push it! :) Just enjoy the break from processing photos!

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Take it easy on the shoulder and let it heal and if you need to trigger the shutter get a remote release for the camera most cameras will have a wired version of a shutter release that will act just as the camera shutter would,

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I had thought about that, but now that you mention it I may go to the store and get one.

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@philipwoodscc It would be the safer way to get shots but then swinging a camera around with a rebuilt shoulder could damage it and second surgeries are probably less fun the first one was so, just use caution. I have a Brother that has had both of his shoulders worked on and it took him a fair amount of time to recover so just be smart with anything that makes you use that shoulder improperly :) Wishing you the best and that you heal up fast.

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