A kind of boring July.

...I thought I submitted this, I might have lost it?

Anyway, July has been a pretty boring month, observation wise. Not a lot of trips very far, at least not ones with a lot of observing. It has been really hot, and it has sapped my energy.

I am hoping to get more interesting things done in August.

Its also ironic that all through the dreary long Decembers here, I was waiting for these long hours of daylight. But now that they are here...well, I am too tired to do anything.

But even though most of my observing has been in a neighborhood park, I still feel I am learning a thing or two. Mostly about bees.

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I think the effects of the pandemic are lingering in odd ways. Hard to be motived to get out, sometimes, especially when it's hot. And you're bicycling around! (I'm impressed.)

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I feel this, with temps as high as 30°C here it's too hot to spot interesting animals. At least you made it to the park I've made do with garden observations.

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