I realize more about my environment when I show it to others.

I consider myself pretty savvy about my natural environment, but being on inaturalist has made me realize that there is a lot I am wrong about.

Eureka is next to Humboldt Bay, which is about 20 square miles of salt water, bordered by both salt water and fresh water marshes. Although the open ocean is pretty close to where I live, it is pretty hard to get to. And if I would have been asked before this morning about Humboldt Bay, I would have said that it isn't really like the ocean, that it isn't salty enough to have sea creatures in it. I wouldn't have said this firmly, I just would have had a general idea that they wouldn't be present. But today I went down to the pier, less than a mile from my house, and found that there were indeed sea anemones there. Because I want to document what is going on here, because I want to demonstrate my environment to others, I end up going to places I would not otherwise go, and seeing and noticing things I would not otherwise see and notice.

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Eureka, CA, USA (Google, OSM)


It's my favorite thing about iNaturalist -- our eyes are opened up to what other see, and we learn a TON in the process! I've learned a tremendous amount from viewing other folks' observations -- and then going out and seeing some of the same things. :)

There's an eternal bookshelf filled with tomes of knowledge that we're just learning to read. :)

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