iNaturalist Workshop - Friends of LLELA

Friends of LLELA is presenting a second workshop on 'Beginning iNaturalist'. Our first workshop was filled to capacity so this second workshop is for those that could not attend. I consider the first a great success as we have added many new observers to the LLELA project. LLELA's species list has grown considerably since our first workshop and several self-proclaimed iNat addicts have been born.

See LLELA's facebook page for details and registration information. The workshop is free but seating is limited. Dec 10th 2014 at the Lewisville Public Library. 7 to 9pm.

Again, thank you iNaturalist for your vision and this wonderful site!

Posted on דצמבר 05, 2014 02:54 אחה"צ by mchlfx mchlfx


Woo hoo!!! Spreading that word, my brother! :)

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I enjoyed the class and look forward to more, it is nice to learn all about inaturalist and really nice to meet new folks...thanks and keep me posted on any other classes you are giving, hawkilitle or Mary! (posted this under the wrong class, I was in this one!)

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