Erotylus. Histrio group

This post is a summary of the differences the species of Erotylus from histrio group present.


Erotylus is a genus of Erotylidae pleasing fungus beetles with around 100 described species. In 1907-08 Paul Kuhnt divided them in groups according to some characteristics. This post is about the first group, The histrio-group, which his words are "Large species with squat-like, blunt elevation somewhat behind the middle of the elytra; Elytra more or less pointed towards the back. Usually a red spot on the shoulder and a point on the tip, as well as a round yellow spot next to the scutellum (often connected to each other)."

There are 8 species in this group:

Erotylus histrio, E. mirabilis, E. elegans, E. histrionicus, E. chevrolati, E. aegrotus, E. clarosignatus and E. permutatus

Kuhnt created a key with the main differences to which I adapt and illustrate below:

A. Area around the scutellum remains black; 6 yellow bands running from the edge up to the hump

…………………………. E. mirabilis.

B. One yellow spot next to the scutellum (sometimes combined with the yellow bands/spots behind)

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Nice article! Based on your text I was able to identify the species in my record:

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