Jacintho Guérin 1956 Erotylidae Plates

The 2 pages showing the drawings of the article copy I purchased from the Australian National Library.

  1. Strongylosomus simplex
  2. Aegithus cretaceus
  3. Iphiclus (Habrodactylus) discrepans
  4. Iphiclus (Habrodactylus) hamatus
  5. Iphiclus (Habrodactylus) septemmaculatus
  6. Iphiclus (Brachymerus) neglectus
  7. Iphiclus (Saccomorphus) humeralis
  8. Iphiclus (Iphiclus) striolatus
  9. Iphiclus (Iphiclus) quadristictus
  10. Iphiclus (Neobarytopus) alboniger
  11. Iphiclus (Neobarytopus) divisus
  12. Iphiclus (Neobarytopus) iris
  13. Iphiclus (Neobarytopus) lunaris
  14. Iphiclus (Neobarytopus) jacinthoi
  15. Iphiclus (Neobarytopus) rhomboidalis
  16. Iphiclus (Neobarytopus) tigrinatus
  17. Iphiclus (Neobarytopus) pauper
  18. Iphiclus (Neobarytopus) octopustulatus
  19. Iphiclus (Megaprotus) obliteratus
  20. Erotylus superbus
  21. Erotylus oblitus
  22. Erotylus longulus
  23. Neopriotelus quadrimaculatus
  24. Ischyrus natalensis
  25. Mycotretus anchoralis
  26. Mycotretus trifasciatus
  27. Mycolybas rufipennis

1956 Guérin, Jacintho. Descrição de novas espécies e variedades de Erotylidae (Col.) neotropicais. Dusenia, Curitiba v7 fasc. 1: 65-66

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Magnificent! I love these sorts of plates. Thanks for sharing this!
@catenatus and @borisb may also be interested.

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