Life Above Us: Entry 1

There are few general adaptations that apply to the breadth of life in the Life Above Us project, but the fact that all animals within the project live in trees or in the air allows for some similarities: they must be light enough to lift their own weight vertically, relying on lift generated by wings or grip from limbs.

The spiny oak-slug moth larva (or spiny oak slug) is situated on the phylogenetic tree within the complete metamorphosis insects, specifically butterflies and moths. Within moths, there is an enormous diversity in genera, but the spiny oak slug is found in the Euclea genus alongside 48 other species. The larval stage (spiny oak slug) is considered venomous, and its barbs can cause severe allergic reactions in humans. This adaptation is superior to a similar adaptation in monarch caterpillars that makes them toxic to ingestion. By actively injecting a venom that deters predators, the spiny oak slug increases the fitness of its individual being, as opposed to relying on predators learning to associate bright colours with toxicity through trial and error and generations of disposition.

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Larval stage


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