Polistes bellicosus

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This is indeed the more typical form while the linked one is a more regional form more common around south Texas. The main difference is that the typical form lacks spots on the abdomen whereas the south Texas form typically has a pair of spots (or occasionally more). Dr. Buck gives a summary of eastern species in his key.

There are a few particularly useful traits in separating the striped species of Florida (and really throughout most of the species' ranges):

• antennal tips not with 4 segments contrastingly light and region of head behind ocelli (occiput) not marked in yellow - rules out P. exclamans and P. bellicosus

• clypeus ("upper lip" plate) at least 50% yellow and hind femora lacking dark markings at the base - rules out P. dorsalis and P. fuscatus

• size closer to 1 inch than to 0.5 inch - additional trait to rule out P. dorsalis

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@jonathan142 is a legend among the Polistes -- if they could, the wasps would make little statues in his honor. :)

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I have greatly enjoyed my surreptitious involvement with this species and the experts that have taken interest. Thanks to all of you and Dr. Buck for the help. I have some minor artistic talent and access to a 3D printer. Perhaps we could help them out.

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