Total Eclipse

Not so much related to the things we do here, but wanted to let those who might have an interest know that I'll be in the Jackson, WY area the week of the eclipse on 8/21. Some of the photography will be in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, but on 8/21, we'll be working the eclipse. This will be my first attempt at eclipse photography.

I've put together a web page of information on the eclipse that might be of some interest to some of you. It has info on the whens and wheres of the eclipse, viewing safety, photographing the eclipse, and other resources. If you're interested, you can visit the following: (broken link repaired 8/29/2017)

Also, of note to those of in the DFW area is that we'll be within the 70 mile wide eclipse path for the total eclipse that will occur on 4/8/2024 ... so plan ahead. See:

Also, excellent advice regarding viewing safety is in this 1 page flyer publicly available from the American Astronomical Society:

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