iNaturalist workshops in Singapore

@tiwane, @aztekium_tutor and I will be in Singapore later this month for two workshops. On Saturday, January 18th we'll have a gathering focused on experienced iNaturalist users (more details and RSVP here). On Sunday, January 19th we'll have a public talk and workshop aimed more at beginners, including many students from Yale-NUS (more details and RSVP here).

We are grateful for the support of this workshop from National Geographic, Yale-NUS, and Nature Society Singapore (including @meiyeesung @anuj @gancw1)

We're glad that some others from the region can also join: @mutolisp @shellfishgene @anncabras24 @roktaviani @naufalurfi @franzanth

We've reached out to everyone tagged in this post by email, but know that some of you might be more inclined to notice a tag on iNaturalist than an email ;-)

@kokhuitan @lenachow @big-simonchan @caligin @techieoldfox @sohkamyung @johnascher

Please tag others in Singapore who may be interested to attend.

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I want to tag top observer in singapore @budak
Also for the workshop on 18th are people new to inaturalist allowed to join?

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@naufalurfi we recommend that new people join on the 19th instead of the 18th, but check in with me again on Wednesday because there may be space. Would be great to have you @budak!

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i can't make it unfortunately (too short notice, family weekends), but hope you have fruitful sessions

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Safest travels! Looking forward to seeing some fun observations too! :)

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