We have a new Project!

Beaver Moon Bioblitz Cambridge is here! We're building a community of new and multigenerational nature observers in Cambridge starting with this, the first year of our annual November bioblitz, during the week of the Beaver Moon (Nov. 30). The fun begins Wednesday morning 11/25.

Prizes include nature journaling supplies for the top 10 winners.

Individual observers: We are open to individual observers of all ages.

Teams: Form a team by creating or sharing an iNaturalist account with your team name. Be sure to send us a message to let us know who's on your team. Teams can be a child and an adult family member, a neighborhood group with one iNaturalist account, a class or club, or just a group of friends. This is open to all ages. The rules are just that the observations must be made in Cambridge.

Facebook Live: We'll be going live on Facebook on Wed. 11/25 at 11:30 and again on Friday 11/27 at 10:30 to help you get started if you've never used iNaturalist before. We'll show you how to set up an account and make your first observation. If you plan to use an iPhone, find iNaturalist on the App store or Google Play before you join us on Facebook, if possible.

Spread the word! Gather your team of your friends and family members in Cambridge about this project.

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