Riverby Ranch BioBlitz Round #2

Things are growing well out here! We're ready to have any of y'all back out when you're ready!

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Some of us have been discussing when we can go up there, and one suggestion was last weekend of May. Several of us are recovering from a bioblitz in west Texas last weekend, and the CNC is coming up next weekend. I'm up for the weekend of May 8-9, but I know there are a lot of people with previous engagements. The weekend after that is a bioblitz at Timberlake Research Station in central Texas, and the "weaklings" need another weekend of recovery (they probably have a life outside iNatting). When would you prefer us coming up?

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looks at my nametag with the word "weakling" on it
Hey! ;)

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I'm hoping to work it into my traveling schedule for the research project I'm working on. I don't know if I'll make it to a gathering, but I do intend to get up there and do some iNatting in the next couple of weeks.

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Y'all just come up whenever works out for you. I'm living up at the ranch now and am available out here almost always!

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