The Southwestern Peninsula of Trinidad

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been to is the Southwestern Peninsula of Trinidad. I try my best to go every year. It is a lovely pristine environment. I have a place in my heart for Los Blanquizales. A lot of people call it the Great Icacos Lagoon.
Cedros is the name of the area. There is no specific town called Cedros. The Spanish arrived and saw Cedar trees hence the name Cedros which is Spanish for Cedars. The Native Peoples called fat pork "icaco". This is where the Spanish got the name Icacos from.
I had gone to Columbus Bay for the first time in the early 1990s. My dad was still alive and drove us down there. I saw the stacks in the water. Today has three but I feel as though I had seen four. In those times, I didn't know about journalling and documenting so I rely on memory which is not always a good thing. I prefer document and photograph.
I wanted to visit Cedros so in 2010 I had planned a visit with my Form 5 form class. They were a great bunch. We went with a maxi taxi all the way to Columbus Bay. We went Icacos after. I had so much fun. I was amazed when I saw Los Blanquizales, that was my first visit to Icacos.
At Icacos, there were fallen coconut trees, a sign of the coastal erosion happening. The road was eroded as well. There were lots of verveine plants. We got back to school in time for 2:30 p.m.
From San Fernando to Cedros, the journey is about 2 hours. Yes a very long drive. I usually pass through the Creek, Oropuche, Rousillac, La Brea, Point Fortin, Cap de Ville, Granville. That route is actually faster. In 2018, I passed through Debe, Penal, Siparia, Santa Flora, Palo Seco, Erin, Buenos Ayres, Cap de Ville. That way was pretty lengthy but has some nice Historical sites on the way.
Cedros has so much biodiversity. I have seen huge stinging nettles, Malachite butterfly, Flambeaux, Red Peacocks, Nymphea, Mangrove, Caracaras, Corbeaux, Bats, an area with those lovely purple flowers whose seeds explode in water and an abundance of trees.
The Ste. Marie Road where the Health Centre is located has a lot of trees and bushes however near the L'Envieusse beach, rapid deforestation has taken place. A bad idea because the beaches down there are basically sand and mud, hence easily eroded. I believe Ste. Marie Road leads to Islote Bay. L'Envieusse beach has Mangrove, Iron Pyrite (fool's gold) and a shipwreck. There is a structure made of ballast bricks that most likely came from Scotland in the 1800s. When you journey along Ste. Marie Road, there is Ste. Marie Extension on the left. This takes you to Galfa proper. There is fool's gold, sandstone cliffs and mud that smells of methane gas. The area was once mined for oil and natural gas.
Along Ste. Marie road, there is a road on the right that takes you to Green Hill where the underground WWII bunker is. Further down on the right has the road that takes you to the Balka Devi Mandir and the mud volcano. Further down, the road splits, if you keep left, you end up at a private beach, Beaulieu and if you take right, you end up at L'Envieusse. There is an old house, said to be haunted and next to it is the Galfa Graves. One person died in 1813, the other in 1818.
At the Los Blanquizales marshes, there are so many birds! I have seen Herons a lot but one time I saw this huge black and white raptor. It was far off but the breast was white and its wings were black. The wingspan was pretty long, it looked like almost one metre to me. I also saw a Jabiru Stork once. Huge bird!
I hope to visit there soon!
© Wednesday 25th November, 2020. Alisa R Jankie

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I've always wanted to visit that part of Trinidad but unfortunately, it's quite dangerous nowadays with all the crime and Venezuelans coming in. Personally I'm very interested in the fauna and microbiology of the Icacos wetlands, it seems so unlike any other swamp in Trinidad.

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I have friends who live there so whenever I'm going I call them before. If you want to, its best to go in a group. You can always join me if you like.

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