Sheryl Smith-Rodgers

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OK. Here goes. I write for a living. I'm a Texas Master Naturalist with the Highland Lakes chapter. I'm a self-educated spider naturalist who gives spider presentations. My husband, James Hearn, and I tend a Texas Wildscapes Wildlife Habitat Demonstration Site at our Blanco home. I blog about what I see and learn at "Window on a Texas Wildscape" (URL is www. sherylsmithrodgers. I'm absolutely wild about and amazed by God's handiwork in what we commonly call Mother Nature. P.S. I started observing on iNaturalist in 2016. That said, I’ve created my own rule and guidelines: I ONLY post observations from this place named The Pink House, which is about one “urban” acre (Blanco boasts just under 1,800 far); I do NOT observe plants that we’ve planted, only those that occur naturally, which may include introduced, invasive and/or naturalized species. I’m mighty excited to have exceeded 1,000 far!

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