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I like birds and can usually identify almost every bird in Montana, (excluding Empidonax Flycatchers, trying to differentiate the different calls and also factoring in color, shape, size and whatnot is hell in its finest. lol)
I don't know calls and songs as much as i'd like to, although i do spend lots of time paying close attention to the sounds of the birds in my yard, and listening and comparing recordings on eBird, i'm mostly a sight birder.

I do pretty well IDing the rest of North Americas birds as well. I'd probably fail with seabirds, like Alcids and Petrels because i've only been to the coast (Pacific) a few times, and that was before i got into birding, i also mostly skip through all the seabird sections in my Sibley guide too (which i've spent countless hours staring at) which probably doesn't help, lol. I'm not very good at Shorebirds in non-breeding plumage, Gulls are also a tough one for me too, with all their confusing cycles and worn plumages.

I'm interested in pretty much everything thats alive and welcome every chance to learn more!

Especially interested in learning how to identify Genus Bombus, (Bumble Bees) and Montana's native plants, mushrooms, and lichen.

Also please message me if you have any confirmation of White Sturgeon occurrence in Montana outside of the Kootenai River, i heard a rumor that someone caught and ate a Sturgeon at Tally Lake thinking it was a Suckerfish (not that i would eat a Suckerfish, gross.) and would like to know what the possibility is of a population in Tally. If this rumor is true, i wouldn't be very surprised. Since Sturgeon are long-lived and i think this is the most likely species for a Sturgeon in Tally.

I don't contribute as much Avian data to iNat as i want too, mostly because it takes a mildly annoying amount of time to enter one observation that i've already put into a list in eBird, so to find most of my Avian sightings, heres my eBird profile:

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