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About me
Born in Japan in 2007 and living in NZ since 2019.
Currently a year 12 student in Avondale College, Auckland.
They / them from microbial standpoint, otherwise he / him.

VERY interested in molluscs since I was 6.
From there, my passion has expanded to the whole biodiversity, particularly that of Japan and New Zealand.

Although my main focus is on land/marine/freshwater invertebrates, I also record any life species I have not posted here, to gather as many taxa/biodiversity data as much as I can.

Hoping to study biology focused on systematics of invertebrates and / or small plants (algae, bryophytes etc) when I get into a university (Not yet) and graduate school for PhD.

(日本語のプロフィールは下にあります. Scroll to see my profile in Japanese)

Worldwide shelled molluscs including landsnails, especially those from tropical Pacific, New Zealand and Japan.
Mollusc/arthropod systematics would be my lifetime interest.

Besides molluscs, I am absolutely passionate in any wild organisms (including fossils) from any habitats in New Zealand, especially small ones that are often overlooked, for example, small insects, soil invertebrates, marine benthos, bryophytes and algae.

I have collected and registered more than 3000 lots including more than 10000 specimens in my collection.
They are very likely going to be stored in research institution(s) in the future.
Although most of the lots are dry-preserved molluscs and insects, I also collect things that are less often collected by people, such as mites, bryozoans and foraminifera.

I am happy to collect specimens for scientific research, or to exchange specimens with fellow collecters, as long as everything can be done legally with minimum damage to the environment.

・Wellington Shell Club + Auckland Shell Club (2020-)
・Entomological Society of New Zealand (2023-)
・Auckland Botanical Society (2023-)
・Forest & Bird Youth (2023-)
・Japanese Association of Meiobenthologists (2022-)
・NPO Network for Shizuoka Prefecture Museum of Natural History, Japan (2017-)
・Society of Earth and Space Sciences in Shizuoka, Japan (2014-2017)

Published work
Kenji YOKOYAMA and Saryu MAE. Shell fossils and the sedimentation environment of the shell fossil dense layer of The Middle Pleistocene Negoya Formation
at Negoya in the Udo Hill, Shizuoka City, central Japan
, Bulletin of the Museum of Natural and Environmental History, Shizuoka, 2018, Japan
I was lucky to have a chance to co-author this paper with a Japanese geologist Kenji Yokoyama, using the specimens of fossil molluscs I have collected, prepared and identified from the formation.

・@ me in comments or send a direct message through iNat (Alternative:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Discord (invertebratist#9517)
*Any contacts are very welcome, however occationally it takes a couple week for me to respond, due to fieldwork/school assignments etc.

Photo usage
・Most of my photos are CC-BY.
・Please give the credit as Saryu Mae, not @invertebratist or anything else.
・Please contact me if you are planning to use my photos or occurrence records recorded by me for any type of publications, so I might be able to provide you more information about it.
・I thank Wikipedia / wikimedia contributers for uploading my images for their articles for public benefit.

It is my wish that all of the content I have contributed to iNaturalist (medias, observations, identifications, comments etc) remain on the site in the event of my death.

(About me in Japanese)
こんにちは!前 朝琉と申します。

iNatの日本版(iNaturalist Japan)が数年以内に実現することを願っています。公的研究施設や大学などの方で、iNaturalist Japanのサーバーを置けるかも、という方はお問い合わせいただけば幸いです。

個人的には、将来的には軟体動物・節足動物などの小型無脊椎動物を中心に、生物分類学, 生態学, 古生物学や関連した研究をすることを志望しています。

iNaturalistでは多数派ではない日本語ユーザーが英語を使わずとも同定や情報交換などをし合える場所として、アイナチュラリスト日本語コミュニティ(url) を作りました。日本語を理解できるユーザーの方は参加をお願い申し上げます。





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