Taxon Framework Relationship 113359

Relationship: סטייה

iNaturalist Israel Mammal Diversity Database. 2019
מין Otaria byronia (אב: סוג Otaria) אחד לאחד מין Otaria flavescens (אב: סוג Otaria)

Intentional Deviation. Treated as Otaria byronia on The Society of Marine Mammology's List of Marine Mammal Species and Subspecies, 2021 Version. The MDD recognizes O. flavescens as the valid epithet in recognition of Lucero et al. (2019), which designates O. flavescens as the neotype. The Society of Marine Mammology acknowledges that O. flavescens continues to be used amongst many South American mammologists.

נוצר על־ידי loarie ב ינואר 05, 2019