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a tricky situation.
Marasmia may prove to be a synonym of Cnaphalocrocis - the latter has page priority.
In Mally et al, 2019 it should be noted that although they use poeyalis in combination with Marasmia, they also found Marasmia to be paraphyletic (p 162) - without stating to which genus / genera, although they also place Marasmia with Cnaphalocrocis, Spilomela and Salbia as a clade within Spilomelini. Further, on BOLD, Marasmia and Cnaphalocrocis form a clade with 24 BINs. The current molecular evidence on BOLD suggests synonymy. However, until someone publishes a phylogeny showing the relatedness of taxa attributed to these two genera, then it is technically perfectly correct to have poeyalis placed in Marasmia. Don't know how long for, mind.....

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Yes there is a lot of instability in these these genera, as they keep getting split and lumped, and that leaves doubt about how much instability should be mimicked in iNat taxonomy or that the next split or lump settles it all. The 2016 N. Am. pyraloidea catalog had them lumped just a few years before Mally et al. 2019.

Mally is also one of the editors who addressed Marasmia vs. Cnaphalocrocis placement of their species in the GLOBIZ Pyraloidea catalog, so I felt that this may be the best hypothesis at present and would be reasonable to follow for now. This species taxon change is part of a greater split of the two genera that I committed along this reasoning.

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points noted. Instability makes a mockery of us all......

I hope that the next person (or collaboration) that looks at the Spilomelini will do a decent job and cover molecular, morphological and ecological elements within their taxonomic work. My gut feeling is that Marasmia will be a synonym of Cnaphalocrocis in the bigger picture. Until then, we follow Globiz!

I see from note 81 in Scholtens & Solis that they followed Shaffer et al 1996 - the Australian checklist - in placing Marasmia as a synonym of Cnaphalocrocis.
Whilst Mike Shaffer was the global authority on crambids, the frustration felt by many about the Australian llisting was there was no indication given for any of the taxonomic changes therein. MS was usually right, though.
I see that the LepIndex entry shows Marasmia as a junior subjective synonym of Cnaphalocrocis . .

I haven't seen Munroe's 1991 paper - but am well aware he was also a major global player on Crambidae (and on island theory, pre-empting the famous MacArthur & Wilson paper from the late 1960s) - published way more than Shaffer.

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